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Review – Pyranha Burn III

Posted by DesMes on November 7th, 2013 Posted in Paddling News, Product News & Information

The Burn 3 is the latest river runner to come out the Pyranha factory and it’s safe to say I feel it doesn’t disappoint.

The Burn three has been long in the pipe line after the successful Burn two and the guys at Pyranha were extremely keen to make a similar jump in performance to the last upgrade.


The new Burn has the new style of edges that we have seen on many of the newer Pyranha boats. These continue all the way down the boat which provides excellent tracking and straight line speed. With its added length from the Burn two this also helps it have a little bit more punch through the holes. It also has the addition of a subtler edge which allows more delicate movements to have a large effect on how the boat performs allowing you to break in and out with ease as well as carve your way down big volume white water.

Shape & Outfitting

The deck profiling has also been updated from the burn two allowing it to shed water and resurface faster. It also has the new connect out fitting with a bucket style seat, greater adjustability with rising and rotational movement as well as metal grab handles.

The boats bow is pointier than that of the previous burn as well as it having a little more rocker which makes it a great boat to boof as long as you don’t mind a hard hitting flat hull.


The new burn will also come in 4 sizes, so its especially important to demo one of these before you buy to make sure it’s the correct size!

BurnIIIJpeg3 BurnIIIJpeg2 BurnIIIJpeg1

David Bain (Staff Member & Pyranha Team Paddler)