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Inchree Waterfalls

Posted by DesMes on December 4th, 2014 Posted in Paddling News

Friends of the shop Matty Nicholsa and Sal Montgomery have been out and about searching for those crazy rivers to run

The Abhainn Righ (Inchree Waterfalls)


At the end of a big week kayaking the West Coast of Scotland a large band of rain passed over bringing huge water levels.

We have seen a few descents of the Abhainn Righ but had not attempted the run ourselves. The Abhainn Righ flows through Glen Righ and starts with a tricky entry drop followed by a huge slide. This section has been run at the correct level but today we put in above the second drop.

Pic-2 Pic-3

With only the two of us on the river we had to work together well to safely kayak the section. I was able to capture a few shot of Sals descent of the second fall whilst providing safety cover. Further down we just enjoyed the river.


After the big fall there are two awesome boof drops. I unfortunately couldn’t capture these due to how we were running the river.


These drops are not easy and shouldn’t be attempted without extensive experience running waterfalls. There have been several injuries on this section of river to experienced kayakers so care must be taken. It took a lot of effort for the two of us and a beer in the Inchree Centre Bar was a great way to finish the trip.

We had an amazing day in this beautiful glen. The forest that surrounds it and views across the loch are incredible. Just walking up the waterfall trail to take in the scenery is worth the detour off the A82. So for those not so keen on drops it is still an amazing place to visit and have look around.


Trip and review by Sal Montgomery and Matty Nicholas