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The Pyranha 9R, a fast river cruiser!

Posted by DesMes on February 6th, 2015 Posted in Paddling News

Last year Pyranha’s latest creek boat, the 9R was released. Designed to be a medium volume creek boat suitable for big white water, and speeding down your local runs with the ability to race with the right paddler behind the wheel, or on the seat in this case.

Initially I personally saw this as a race boat, however after paddling it for three weeks in Austria and since put it through its paces here in the UK it has become clear that there is far more to 9R than meets the eye.

The 9R is fast and as the name suggests is just under 9 feet in length, however don’t let this dishearten you, the only disadvantage to this so far seems to be fitting it inside small cars.

Due to a large amount of rocker on the bow, it is still able to ride over waves and holes like a champ, and this also means it stays agile on the water.

Its edges run the length of the boat, which keeps the boat tracking for speed but handling wise it allows you to make real use of the water around you to aid your line down the river.

The stern looks funny at first. The rocker in the tail rises at a gradual rate, but then flattens off to the end of the boat. This means at slow speeds, which you are generally at when boofing, the boat is able to use the rocker to bring the bow up quickly and accurately, but when the speed picks up this flattened section comes in to play keeping the bow down and allowing the boat to travel faster.

In conclusion, this boats role changed for me from being my race boat, to my every day creek boat. It has enough volume for me to have a set of splits and some rescue gear in the back.

Its quick, predictable and most importantly it’s a lot of fun!

David Bain (Pyranha Team Paddler, Desperate Measures Team Paddler)


9R HPP Shot Sickline2015 Kofels-drop